Justin Conley, NYSSSA 2013

The NYSSSA program opened my eyes to types of filmmaking that I had never been exposed to previously. My high school, Kingston High School, has no film or media program. Since attending, I have begun making more experimental films, having now much more confidence than I had before in expressing myself as an artist. It was a truly enlightening experience, the most life changing and educational that I could have possibly hoped for. I made the best friends of my life, people that I am now collaborating with on projects, people that I could have never hoped to meet while still in high school without this program. For that alone, for the shift in perspective I’ve undergone by becoming their friend and collaborator, I am eternally grateful to the program. — Justin Conley

Buried Film Project

NYSSSA FILM 2009, Ghen Dennis + Taylor Dunne, Instructors. Students make three films using materials from the organic world instead of cameras: pond water, algae, rocks, urine (indeed), the surf of Lake Ontario. Some of the footage was buried for weeks in order that weather and other elements have time to affect the film surface. Each film follows documentation of its making, respectively.

Niskayuna HS student animator Chris Perrella selected for DROP TV

Still from Chris Perrella's Checkers
Still from Chris Perrella's Checkers


Niskayuna High School student animator selected to be part of international television program.

One of Niskayuna High School’s outstanding student computer animators, Chris Perrella, has had two of his short films selected to be showcased on Season 5 of the Poughkeepsie based program – DROP TV.

DROP TV is a magazine-style series of half hour episodes packed with high energy segments made for youth, by youth.  The series is produced in conjunction with the Children’s Media Project’s Media Guild program. Continue reading Niskayuna HS student animator Chris Perrella selected for DROP TV