Publications In Print


  • Aperture Magazine
    A publication of the not-for-profit arts institution founded in 1952 Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, Minor White, Beaumont Newhall and Nancy Newhall.
  • Freestyle
    A quarterly newsletter, featuring articles on all photography techniques; digital and traditional.  You can also download pdf files if you prefer.
  • Rick Sammon’s Complete Guide to Digital Photography
    Educator and author, Rick Sammon has traveled extensively and shares his 
    work, expertise and tips. There are many resources on this site including slide shows and videos of Rick in action and on location.
  • Photography. by Barbara London and John Upton
    This large weighty paperback includes many photographs of equipment, from types of cameras to darkroom setup and procedures.
  • The Photographic Eye by O’Brien and Sibley
    This text (hardcover) was written by teachers for high school students and features many student photographs as examples. It also includes an assignment section with challenges for beginning through advanced students; many useful, clearly labeled camera, darkroom and process illustrations.
  • The Henry Horenstein Series
    These technical (paperback) manuals cover basic to advanced concepts and skills, in small book format. They are light in weight and fit nicely in backpacks, but are packed with information; a low- cost solution if your textbook money is limited.

    • Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual, with Carol Keller.
    • Beyond Basic Photography: A Technical Manual
    • Black and White Photography, Third Revised Edition
    • Color Photography: A Working Manual (Color Photography) with Russell Hart, Tom Briggs


  • DV (Digital Video) Magazine
    An excellent magazine for pro-sumers and professionals. Excellent tutorials and reviews.
  • Videography
    An industry magazine for professionals.
  • indieWIRE:DAILY (free subscription)
    An excellent daily email summary of industry news, contests, events, and deadlines.

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