Training Providers

  • Intel Computer Clubhouse
    The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network provides a safe, creative environment where young people from under-served communities work closely with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence through the use of technology.
  • Student Television Network
    The mission of STN is to promote, support and recognize scholastic broadcasting on a national scale. We seek to give help not just to students, but to broadcast teachers as well.
  • Intel Professional Development
    The Internet is a valuable resource for finding dedicated professionals and organizations that share your interests. The following links provide access to a wide range of professional organizations targeting the fields of education and educational technology.
  • Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
    AACE’s membership includes researchers, developers, and practitioners in schools, colleges, and universities; administrators, policy decision-makers, trainers, adult educators, and other specialists in education, industry, and the government. Their interest is in advancing knowledge and learning about information technology in education.
  • Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT)
    The mission of AECT is to provide leadership by linking professionals who share a common interest in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process. This site provides events, news, conference information, and educational resources.
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
    ASCD is an international, nonprofit, nonpartisan association of professional educators whose jobs cross all grade levels and subject areas. The site offers current papers, online shopping, training opportunities, and current education news.
  • CEO Forum
    The CEO Forum on Education and Technology was founded to help ensure that America’s schools effectively prepare all students to be contributing citizens and productive workers in the 21st century. This site provides Interactive School Technology and Readiness (StAR) chart updates, annual readiness reports, and testimonials from users.
  • EDvancenet
    EDvancenet is committed to providing resources to keep policymakers and school leaders informed of the issues that affect how schools can use technology, for example, to improve student achievement, address educational equity, or ensure workforce preparedness for our nation’s students.
  • Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education (ITTE)
    ITTE is a program of the National School Boards Association designed to help advance the wise use of technology in public education. The site offers community news and books, plus technology and learning conferences.
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
    ISTE’s mission is to help K-12 classroom teachers and administrators share effective methods for enhancing student learning through the use of new classroom technologies. This group is the largest teacher-based, nonprofit organization in the field of educational technology.
    This service enables teachers to mentor one another via email. MightyMentors can help you find a mentor or mentee for a short- or long-term mentoring partnership. Teachers can help other teachers improve their teaching technique; troubleshoot classroom problems, and more. Mighty Mentors is a free public service; there is no charge to participate.
  • Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NETC)
    The mission of NETC is to provide professional development opportunities, access to technical assistance, and support for collegial interaction that allow and encourage educators throughout our region, and especially in K-12 schools, to become informed and fearless users of technology. NETC provides a number of excellent programs, including “Classrooms@Work” and “Digital Bridges.”
  • Classrooms@Work
    Provides strategies for technology-enhanced learning, using multimedia resources that take you into two classrooms that work—using the tools of technology.
  • Digital Bridges
    This site provides information about using video conferencing technology for instruction, communication, and collaboration.
  • Regional Technology in Education Consortium (RTEC)
    The RTEC program helps states, local educational agencies, teachers, school library and media personnel, as well as administrators successfully integrate technologies in K-12 classrooms, library media centers, and other educational settings, including adult literacy centers.
  • Radiant Vista
    Site for video tutorials, workshops and critiques.
  • Professional Development Workshops
    Co-Sponsored by Capital Region BOCES and the Greater Capital Region Teacher Center
  • New York Film Academy
    Learn filmmaking, digital filmmaking, acting for film, screenwriting, directing and 3D computer animation in the USA or study abroad.
  • Maine Media Workshops
    The Workshops was founded in 1973 as a summer conservatory for the world’s photographers and filmmakers. Over the past 30 summers, The Workshops has grown into a year-round college and learning center for the world’s filmmakers, photographers, actors, writers, digital artists and creative professionals. We now offer 250 one-week workshops and master classes. Rockport College came into existence in 1996 and now offers an Associate of Arts degree, a Master of Fine Arts degree and a one-year Professional Certificate program.