WNY Collaborative Media Project

Canon camcorder in a Pelican case.

At the 2019 Art and Media Study Day at the University at Buffalo, teachers and organizers brainstormed ideas to increase excitement and engagement around media arts education, and grow MATA in the process. We came up with an idea to conduct a collaborative media project that could involve all WNY high schools that choose to participate, culminating in the screening of the work at next spring’s Art and Media Study Day at UB.

These questions must be answered before we begin:

  • How could we incorporate both still photography, video and animation?
  • How can we give access to and support these technologies to students who don’t have it at their schools—workshops at UB, CEPA and Squeaky Wheel; visits to the schools?
  • What would the theme of the work be, if any?
  • What would the structure of the work look like?
  • What about process—does each school create their own content and contribute it to a common pool that every school can combine and edit, or do we pass around a growing set of media that each school adds onto…?
  • Can we provide funding to schools that need it? Busses, supplies…

If you are a WNY Media Arts teacher and would like to join in on the project, first, be sure your MATA membership is up to date. Then, sign-up for and sign-into the discussion on our Slack channel: matatalk.slack.com.

Hope to see you on Slack!