40 Years of Media Arts Education, conference postponed

I regret to report that we have decided to indefinitely postpone our conference, 40 Years of Media Arts Education in New York State. We have been unable to reach the required minimum number of attendees. Our MATA regions have reported that the cost and timing have made it impossible for many to attend during this difficult economic period.

We will continue to work within each of our regions to promote vibrant media arts education programs, and to provide support and training opportunities for media arts teachers. Please keep visiting this site, or subscribe to our RSS feed, to keep up-to-date on new developments.

Your contributions to this ongoing online dialog are welcome. Feel free to provide a 5 minute QuickTime video of yourself describing your program and offering your thoughts on the state of media arts education. MATA members are also invited to showcase their students’ still and video work on this site. Contact Margaret Mealia for details.